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Tristin Lobendahn

Tristin ViloriaEvent Planner

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Tristin's love for Hawaii's beauty and passion for event planning led her to join Finishing Touch in 2008. As Finishing Touch's full time Event Planner, Tristin manages the planning, coordination and execution aspects of each event.  She strives to work cohesively with clients and vendors to ensure every aspect of the special day flows seamlessly and is executed with perfection. Besides her experience in corporate event and conference planning, she also brings with her a background in human resources. Tristin's ability to remain personable and compassionate towards clients and colleagues, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, make her an ideal planner for weddings and other social events.

Tristin believes the best part about weddings is the endless possibility to see the couple's personalities shine through their choice of décor, ambiance, personalized program and other special touches. Tristin can never get tired of watching the couple's expressions after seeing their completed ceremony and reception set up for the first time. The look of joy and awe on their faces makes every miniscule detail worth it.

In her spare time, Tristin enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, watching movies, shopping, and cherishing each moment with her husband, Derek.